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Copenhagen bus

Buses Exposed is a photo gallery of buses and trolleybuses from around the world but especially from Europe. There are currently 464 photos from 36 different countries in the gallery.

The owner of Buses Exposed is Thomas de Laine from Copenhagen, Denmark. I am also the editor of the Danish-only bus news, history, photo and vehicle database website Myldretid (the Danish word for "rush-hour"). These sites are run privately and not for profit, and I am not affiliated with any bus manufacturer or operator. I work as a project manager in the Danish state road administration but not with public transport. You can reach me via email at thomas@buses.exposed.

Most of the photos on Buses Exposed are my own, but I may publish photos by others in agreement with the photographer. The name of the photographer is always displayed together with the photo.

All photos on Buses Exposed are protected by copyright laws. You are not allowed to use the photos on the internet, on social media such as Facebook or in printed publications without permission from the photographer.

Send an email to thomas@buses.exposed to contact the photographer of any photo on Buses Exposed.


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