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Stamford, United Kingdom, on 30 September 2017. © Thomas de Laine

Delaine Buses 116 in Stamford, United Kingdom

Volvo Olympian East-Lancs (1995)
VIN code: SLVYNF217RC025704
Operator: Delaine Buses - 116/M1 OCT
Actual owner when photographed: Delaine Heritage Trust

Delaine Buses no. 116 was both the first Volvo in the Delaine fleet and later the last high-floor bus with the company. It worked the Delaine service between Bourne and Peterborough on 31 December 2016 which was the last day, before step-entrance buses could no longer be used because of UK accessibility regulations. The bus then joined the company's heritage fleet. In this picture, it is seen in Stamford on the 2017 Delaine Heritage Running Day.


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