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Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore, on 22 October 2019. © Thomas de Laine

STROBO Series 12 in Singapore

Linkker 12LF/Gemilang Coachworks
Unknown operator - RD 3165D

The STROBO Series 12 is an autonomous electric citybus constructed by Linkker from Finland and ST Engineering Land Systems of Singapore. In practice, it is a Linkker 12LF with a Gemilang Coachworks body. It should be capable of autonomous operation at SAE level 4, also in rain, including automatic opening and closing of doors at stops. In October 2019, the bus was on display at the ST Engineering stand in the exhibition hall at the ITS World Congress in Singapore. Passenger trials were expected for 2020. The "RD" registration plates are used for "research and development" vehicles.


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