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Previous photoNext photoNobina 6990 and 3795 in Landskrona, SwedenNobina 6990 and 3795 in Landskrona, Sweden

Skeppsbron, Landskrona, Sweden, on 23 June 2021. © Thomas de Laine

Nobina 6990 and 3795 in Landskrona, Sweden

Buses in this photo from left to right:

Solaris Trollino 12 (2010)
VIN code: SUU241160AB008655
Operator: Nobina - 6990/CLP 254
Actual owner when photographed: Regionservice Skånetransport, Lund

BYD K9U (2019)
VIN code: LC06S44R8J4990089
Operator: Nobina - 3795/ZMY 099

The trolleybuses in Landskrona are now surrounded by battery-electric buses. They will likely be replaced by such buses someday in the future.


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